【October 8/9, 2017 Nagasaki Kinki Gardens】 Higashihama Town Ryugu Ship | Copper town Namban Ship | Yasaka Town River Ship


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Speaking of Nagasaki Kunich's highlights, seeing the best place to watch in a gang attendant called the girls' place! However, I like the "garden go-ahead" which walks around the town very much. By the way, the child was also shouting a shout while chasing the ship around the garden tip (laugh) Festival! Even a moment can be felt as becoming, very much lively.  Nagasaki Kinki Website  → http://nagasaki-kunchi.com/

What is the garden tip?

Suwa Shrine etc. It is intended to celebrate the happiness by presenting dance in honor of the office in the city, the public office, each house, etc. after completing the prescribed place. Odori town performs short dance and music accompaniment at entrance, shop front, front door etc.

"" Quoted from the Nagasaki Kinki site ""

This time, I was able to meet three "ship of Dance Town", so I upload it with a video.

■東濱町 竜宮船(Ryuuguusen)
 Ryugu ship

■銅座町 南蛮船(Nanbansen)
 A barbarian

■八坂町 川船(Kawafune)
River ship

Any ship's cheeks and sharpness were very wonderful.

By all means, when you come to Nagasaki Kinki, how about going around the garden next weekend?

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Thank you very much!