Recommended ramen shop in Nagasaki city! "Kadoya"


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It is contents to receive frequent questions ,,,,,,,

"Where is Tonkotsu Ramen recommended in Nagasaki city?"

I will be asked so often, I will introduce the ramen shop here. .

Always very sorry for the shop people. .

However, even if you are drunk at the end of the rainy day, the ramen went with the children at noon is very good, including correspondence, "Tonkotsu Ramen" shop wants to introduce ...,,,

"Kadoya" is here! It is!

Mr. Kadoya's Tonkotsu Ramen is superb, although he has been transferred to Nagasaki City.

However, other menus are also delicious.
Champon, miso ramen, etc. ,,,,,,
長崎市 かどや メニュー

Like the famous Ramen Ichiran, I purchase a ticket with a ticket vending machine, I will place a taste preference on the sheet and order it.

A description of my sheet ,,,

Briefly, it is "tasty", "a lot of oil" and "noodle hard".
It is almost the same for family ramen noodle shops. .

And here comes the ramen. .

かどやらーめん 長崎市かどや
Kadoya Ramen
秘伝の赤らーめん 長崎市かどや
Secret red ramen

What did you think?

In Nagasaki city, I introduced a Tonkotsu Ramen shop that I would like to eat!

Please do not hesitate to comment that "I recommend this other place!"

Thank you again this time! It is!

Also, I am working hard on Google's local guide! We have posted reviews from around Nagasaki city center, so please check here as well! It is!
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Thank you very much! It is!