"Simple Life" "Minimalist" has no fundamental reasons - Do not buy useless things in advance -

For this time, to live a simple life,
I will describe "simple life" and "minimalist" I think.

1, The idea of ​​simple life minimalist

Simple Life Minimanist is a lifestyle that enjoys having no objects.

Even at work, the desk is not in place, there are dirty people, but it tends to be the case when there is a habit of saving things. The story is another if it can be arranged in order.

For those who just like that, there is a tendency for efficiency to decline.

It took me a while to understand it. Until then it was a mass of greed.

And by adopting a simple life minimalist, we no longer buy extra things, and we throw away unnecessary things. So I thought about throwing away and began to buy things.

In my work, it is my experience that it was better to judge materials used, data etc at an early stage and throw it away after discarding.

"When I was a student, I thought that having things could be bragging with status and boasting, but I gradually began to understand that students responded to the things and that I was not interested in myself. "

So it is this way of thinking because I was casually thinking of raising myself so that I could be interested in myself, attaching skills and getting interested.

As a result, there is no obsession to wear. The clothes of the company are almost fixed and no obsession. I will not watch. It is like this.

Since it is such a thought, there are times when you do not get too happy when you receive things with gifts.

For example,
· Souvenirs of goods (carved wood sculptures, local straps, key holders)
· Premiums for golf competition goods
· Mono prize of the fun party
· Gifts etc. of unused items

In this way, it is fundamental to SimpleLife Minimanist to eliminate things that can not be used quite easily after receiving it.

<Benefits of Simple Life Minimanist>
① Money is accumulated
② You can use funds for the necessary things, money.
③ You do not have to manage unnecessary things
④ Because the number of administrative items decreases, time is available
⑤ I can invest in what I want.
⑥ The room becomes clean.
※ Also many

In addition to the above, various merits can be found.

2, Judge whether it is really necessary.

You may admire a luxury car.

I think luxury cars = high grade is a waste.

Some people say that they are in luxury cars, but such times have already ended. As long as you can move and you can secure space, you do not need to be high class. The money that can be used will be increased by turning that "luxury" part separately. It is also necessary to notice such waste. Let's notice that nobody bothers you even if you have an appearance.

There is a merit to buying a house, but I think similarly.

A friend used to buy a house before, then divorced. At that time, it really was that the house was Momawaru. Recently, one in three people will divorce. During divorce, I will get married at home.

There are other reasons why you do not need a house. Currently, it is getting harder to keep working until the mandatory retirement age. This is because the goods and services currently being sold are in an era that will not become hit products or hit services after 10 years or 20 years. People get bored at once, and will continue to raise their desires one after another. Therefore, I think that it is better to stop having things with a fixed concept.

I do not buy things as much as possible. There are things I want but I judge that I do not need to have such things so much. The reason is that I understood that "anything with shape disappears".

Neither the car nor the house evolves, and the value goes down from the moment I bought it. I will spend wasted time trying to maintain that value and increase the value, spending on living important time to maintain things. Let's understand that there is such a way of thinking.

3, Why do you have a thing?

I am relieved to have things, but why do people save things more than they need?

There are "anxiety" and "terror" premise.

Because there is "anxiety" "fear" that there is no basis "might be used", I will buy things for that solution.

I am relieved to have things. Because there is no thing there, I accumulate things because I become uneasy.

※ It is an example with food.

No = uneasy
Risk of starvation without eating = fear

So it is.

Management that is not used much elsewhere is useless management.

For example, a school bag.

I will buy a school bag for my child. After that, manage (keep) the school bag by saying "Maybe this child's child may use!"

After that, the child birthed a child and wanted to buy a different school bag, so I bought a new school bag. = It becomes management and storage of unnecessary school bags (of decades). There is waste.

A famous person (Napoleon) had said that there are two things to act: "joy" and "fear."

As an example,

① Go to eat for going to eat delicious food (joy).
② Hunger saves "food" from "scary".

Both buy the same food, but the situation is different. When the latter of ② becomes strong, people become a bad flow (judgment), and will be bought in large quantities in refrigerators etc. After that, do not know what goes in, have you ever tried to dispose of for arrangement (= waste)?

Today, food changes easily (at least in Japan). So it is also necessary to lose the habit of accumulating.

4, Discard unnecessary items

I often feel that when I go back to my parents' house, I feel that there are some agricultural tools that I use only once a year in my warehouse and I keep it from the parent just because I say "I might use one day" . Others, mowers, unicycles, stepladders and so on. = I will not use it.

As parents are losing their physical condition, they can not do agriculture, they can not manage to grow older, there are enormously large amounts of unmanageable things managed = wastefully managed. The person himself said that good things are good, but the inside of cardboard not used. Uncluttered, old clothes. It is useless, the souvenir of travel is dusting.

Even with just the time to manage it, useless time has occurred. There is a dance, so open it and check it. But nothing is taken out. A wasted time.

It really takes time to make me understand that.

Our parent generation (near the 70s) was a pot with things, but now it is different.
Share things. If you do not need it, you can sell it with a free limit. = It is convenient as it is a common era.

I have to be aware of this situation and have to be interested.

5, What is the era with things

My reform of simple style of parents is also in trouble.

Because I do not think about changing the fixed concept.

My parents' garden is wide and various trees are planted. So say to parents, "Tree trees in the garden wither away and throw them away."

However, "I am looking forward to managing it" is the fact that my old age is using valuable time in unnecessary time of care for trees growing indefinitely, so the amount of activity is also Because it is decreasing, it is in a state that it can not be managed.

Extreme thought, my biggest garbage is "house".

I think that it is useless thing itself, sticking to furniture and interior, thinking about it.

If you spend money on such things, I feel that I should use it for other things.

A place to sleep is necessary, but I will continue to pay money to the box (house) that is fixed in this era, can not move, not knowing what will happen.

It is only to tell that "the biggest shopping in my life is" home ", is it really so? I doubted normally.

My conclusion is "house = garbage".

Simple living = Do not buy useless things = Let's be sure that waste is useless!

It will become necessary in the future to devote pleasure to not to buy.

That is not changing things, but changing ideas and thinking from scratch.

6, What is an important thing?

What is my important thing?

It is children.
I can not absolutely purchase with money, and the thing that children feel best is to "do not listen".

One thing I noticed is my grandmother's funeral.

My grandmother had many children, and my grandmother's funeral was a very lively funeral because there were many children and grandchildren. Although it is rude talk, the child was more violent than the sutra of the priest, the sound of the person who cries was a big and funeral funeral.

The moment I saw this, I promised that "I want to become like this!"

Artificial intelligence and IoT, etc. are steadily more convenient and I am saved!
It will fulfill the desires of human beings and things you want to do more and more. very convenient!

As a next desire, it is correspondence to "child does not ask what to say". I want to enjoy this! This can be done at AI someday, but now it is not.

I am looking forward to that inconvenience.

Especially because I think that this is a feeling that can only be done by humans.
I feel interesting to children.

7, Summary

Although it is a long sentence this time, I wrote about "simple life" and "minimalist".

Since things are overflowing, it is very convenient, but because things are good, this situation is not good, and waste is occurring.

Judge what you do not need yourself, discard it and lighten yourself.

This may also apply to humans themselves. It may be important to realize that something useless such as appearance, greed, jealousy and grumbling are also useless, to make ourselves exposed, and to make real friends who go out with ourselves who exposed themselves.

that's all

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